Futsal & Pattern Recognition

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes." - Mark Twain If you spend countless hours doing something specific, you gain insights into it. On the surface, pretty duh, right? And yet, it's uncommon for most to dive deep into an area and become an expert. It requires sustained effort, curiosity, and an ability to... Continue Reading →

Orlando Revisited

United Futsal's back-to-back National & World tournaments in July celebrated the sport's return at the Rosen Centre & Shingle convention centers in Orlando. Over the course of five days, teams played ten games at four divisions: u9, u11, u13, u15. For the first time in 18 months, clubs from all over the US were united... Continue Reading →

Punting the 2-2

When I started a school futsal club in 2010, I knew next to nothing about the sport. I had played a version of it in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on summer vacations as a youth, but this helped little when it came to teaching the game. Coaching education resources like books and videos were essentially nonexistent.... Continue Reading →

The Futsal Myth

  In recent years, I've read numerous posts and articles that equate futsal with pick-up. It's assumed the only thing the US needs to do is build thousands of courts nation wide and suddenly we'll be cranking out a generation of Neymar's and Messi's. A massive build out would help without a doubt. And pick-up... Continue Reading →

The Mikan Drill and Pivo Play

Many of the top basketball players in the world including Kyrie Irving refined their finishing touch through the Mikan Drill. The drill allows for a high number of repetitions within a limited amount of time. Basically a lot of technical bang for your buck. It's considered a big man or center drill, but obviously it... Continue Reading →

Exclusive interview with Rob Andrews

It's a real pleasure to have Rob Andrews, founder and president of United Futsal with us. Rob has overseen UF's meteoric rise this past decade and continues to be the sport's most influential figure stateside. Rob, United Futsal recently launched the Champions Cup Series. Can you talk a bit about how it's structured and what... Continue Reading →

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