An interview with Keith Tozer, U.S. Men’s National Team Coach


Coach Keith, thank you for taking the time to talk with Bulldogs Futsal. U.S. youth soccer is rapidly changing with futsal programs now being established within existing clubs. At the pro level the Professional Futsal League nears its inaugural game. Our first question for you…

Education is at the heart of promoting any sport. At the community level, what can coaches and parents do to further their understanding of futsal?

There are very few options within the U.S. Regarding Futsal coaching education. There are several options regarding education. U.S. Youth Futsal offers a Level 4 (beginner) course which is eight hours and Level 3 eighteen hour course and US Futsal along with the NSCAA recently announced a Level 1 Futsal coaching course. There are many videos on YouTube with Futsal sessions and UEFA and other Confederations offer courses.

In futsal circles there are some who want to promote futsal as a stand alone sport. Others feel it should be pushed as a developmental tool for youth soccer clubs. What is your take on this?

Futsal is a great developmental tool for younger players and a fantastic sport on its own. I feel it will have a huge impact in developing similar traits of the best players in the world for our players here in the U.S. and strongly feel it will be a huge game both with amateurs and professionally with the PFL.

As commissioner of the Professional Futsal League and head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team, you have a  unique view of futsal at the highest levels. At the pro level, why do you think America will fall in love with futsal?

Futsal can and will be a huge sport here in the U.S. for many reasons. Futsal is experiencing a large increase in the grassroots development of the game all over our country with Futsal facilities being built or other facilities being transformed into courts. Many clubs including the US Soccer Academy programs are now playing it and this will help create more fans for the game. Professional Futsal will offer all of its fans the ability to see some of the most technical players in the world scoring many fantastic goals along with great saves in a fast paced game. Timing is everything in life and we all feel that the time is now for the game of Futsal.


Coach Keith, continued success with the PFL and best of luck in qualifying for the FIFA Futsal World Cup Colombia 2016. We’re looking forward to futsal’s bright future.

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