USA Futsal, USFF & USYF … who’s who in American Futsal?

In the U.S. there are three national futsal organizations. Due to geography and established territories none are really in competition with each other, yet. All three are moving quickly to carve out the largest slice of market share possible. Whereas USFF (United States Futsal Federation) and USYF (United States Youth Futsal) look to dice up the domestic pie, USA Futsal has international ambitions.


Led by Rob Andrews, USA Futsal has established ties to FC Barcelona & Spain’s professional league, LNFS. Andrews is also a major player in laying the foundation for the PFL, the highly anticipated U.S. professional league expected to officially launch in 2018. In addition to Mark Cuban, the PFL has also secured backing from the LA Laker’s Buss family, the Brooklyn Net’s Russian owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, as well as Spanish powerhouses FC Barcelona & Atletico Madrid. Andrews has also partnered with Disney and ESPN to host the Boy’s & Girl’s World Futsal Championships out of DisneyWorld in Orlando every August. Andrews also taps his Spanish connections by hosting the Elite 96 summer camps. These summer camps invite the top futsalers in the nation to train with visiting Spanish coaches. Last year Andreu Plaza of FCB led the camps. This year Xavi Closas Juan, a former FCB u18 coach, will lead the camps. The top boys are invited to train at La Masia and the top girls at Atletico FC in Madrid.


Established in 1981, the United States Futsal Federation, is the nation’s oldest futsal organization. Alex Para, an Argentinian immigrant, organized the first event in the San Francisco Bay Area. The area has long been considered the nation’s top futsal region with youth clubs Legends, Futsal 415, Stanislaus, Diablo Valley and Bulldogs/Ballistic United leading the charge. USFF largely focuses on two annual tournaments: a regional and national event. The two regional events are west and east coast based. The national event is often held in Anaheim, but this year will be hosted in San Jose. Several years ago Baltimore hosted the event. Although USFF enjoyed a first mover advantage, it has done little to drive the sport through coaching education.


Around since 1997, this Kansas City based organization is prominent in the Midwest and has league affiliates from San Diego to Florida. Unlike USFF, USYF has made a respectable effort to promote coaching education. USMNT coach Keith Tozer offers occasional clinics throughout the U.S. Many of USYF’s affiliated leagues are run by former USMNT players. The coaching clinics are often hosted at their facilities. Through their Futsal I.D. camps, USYF is now attempting to create regional and national youth teams. The west coast camp is held in San Diego. However, they have received a fair amount of criticism since the players invited are almost exclusively from their club affiliates. USFF hosts regional and national tournaments. Nationals are held in Kansas City.


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