Bye-bye 2-2, Hello 3-1…


In the Bay Area the 2-2 took root years ago as the father of local futsal, Mario Gonzalez established MACSA of San Jose and later Legends. They were the gold standard and most clubs followed their lead including ours. I also picked the brain of Joey Almeida of Futsal 415. To this day, I’ve never seen another coach run a better training in any sport. The intensity, creativity, and drive of his teams was an educational experience each and every time. Very indebted to Joey for being so generous with his time and knowledge.

Along the way Bulldogs added a few tweaks to the 2-2, and it led to some very attractive futsal and a few championships. However, tactically it has its limitations for building out of the back, and it often leaves one exposed on the counter. The ultimate impetus for change was a conversation this summer with FCB’s top youth coaches. They indicated the 2-2 was seldom used back in Spain and was mostly relegated to the odd recreational team. After a week of learning the basics of the 3-1 from Xavi, Pep, Sergio, and José, there was no turning back. A steep learning curve was now there for the unbending.

This past month was my most enjoyable in years as our 05 team experimented with the multiple attacking options the 3-1 offers. New patterns, rotations, and set plays are causing players and coaches to look at the game in an entirely different light. So 2-2 thank you for years of reliable service. You’re a cherished memory and cornerstone. 3-1, it’s nice to finally meet you. Hope you stick around for awhile or least until the 4-0 comes to town.


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