Technique: the lob flick


Last year at La Masia the lob flick was everywhere. Balls rose and fell in the gentlest of arcs. You half expected the Barça players to be hiding badminton rackets. In the tight spaces of a futsal court, the lob flick is often employed to rise above the outstretched legs of defenders stabbing for a piece of the ball. Not only does it avoid a defender’s deflection, but the trajectory of the descending ball allows for a soft landing as the ball parachutes in. Like an obedient dog, the ball almost waits there until a teammate arrives.

On occasion though, the lob begins to snarl and show its teeth. No longer content as a mere pass, the lob clamps the jugular in the most offensive of ways as keepers caught unaware scurry back to the safety of their line. This outrageous goal is not for the feint of heart even in this dog-eat-dog world.

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