Pulisic played futsal, lots of it..

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In US futsal circles, it’s long been felt that the first great American soccer player would have futsal roots. Christian Pulisic’s quick decision making, close control, precision passing and off-the-ball movements all scream futsal. Bleacher Report’s recent article details the extent to which Mark Pulisic went to ensure his son played futsal at an early age. This included creating Detroit’s first futsal league. Those of us that have founded clubs and leagues can attest to the rapid development that occurs when a small ball is placed on a hard surface in a confined area. This simple recipe creates magical results again and again. Pele, Socrates, Zico, Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, Christian Ronaldo, Neymar and numerous other stars played countless hours of futsal as kids. Pulisic is our first American entry into this conversation. And yet, there are still plenty of skeptical US coaches, parents and players as to futsal’s benefits. The world is round, the sky is blue, and futsal is the most direct route to soccer success. Just ask the Pulisics.

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