Bulldogs alum starring @ Quakes

Tomo Allen_websize

Our original u8 group of Bulldogs “pups” included a talented, younger player that raised eyebrows even as a 6-year-old. His ability to manipulate the ball in tight spaces and come up with creative solutions was evident from the start. Predicting the future of a player this young seemed absurd, but the thought was there: this kid could be special. His parents were quick to note his rapid development through futsal. To their credit they made sure he trained at futsal as often as possible. He is still very young, but his dribbling and decision making are unique by American standards. With any luck others will be inspired by his blue print for success and play futsal as often as possible while younger. Congrats on your early success Tomo. Bulldogs and the futsal community are rooting for you.

Read more about Tomo on the Earthquakes Academy blog.

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