FCB, USA Futsal and lots of happy campers…


This week marked a special moment in the history of BUFC as we partnered with FC Barcelona & USA Futsal to host the Elite 96 futsal camp. Dozens of our players from ages 7 to 14 participated. Many received awards on the final day, and it’s likely a few will be invited to train at FCB’s legendary La Masia facility this Spring. The FCB coaches, Xavi Closas, Pep Ruiz & Sergi Lopez, guest pro José Ruiz of El Pozo Murcia, and the USA Futsal staff were full of compliments for our players and families. A very proud moment for the club. Many thanks to all clubs from Meg City in SoCal to Rose City Futsal in Oregon for sending players. USA Futsal already is talking about next year’s camp. Stay tuned!!

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