To dribble or pass in America?

Drag Push

It’s thought that here in the States our youth aren’t creative enough. So dribble mania ensues from the get-go and young players are often taught that any dribble is a good dribble. If I had a penny for every time I’ve witnessed a player incorrectly dribble instead of passing, I’d own MLS by now. Amazingly these mad dribbling forays usually go uncorrected by many youth coaches and are even encouraged. Less I seem like just another crank, let me bring in the opinions of some recently departed FC Barcelona coaches. As a group, they were simply stunned at the dribble at all cost mentality exhibited by many of the players that attended our recent camp. Players from many of California’s top clubs were routinely taking on two and three players instead of making the obvious pass. If I had a peso for every time a FCB coach yelled for a player to pass, I’d own a LNFS team by now. Preferably El Pozo. Decision making vs reflexive dribbling? Seems like an absurd question for youth soccer/futsal State side in 2016, but it’s one worth asking.

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