Ballistic United USDA = year round futsal

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Ballistic United USDA director, Andrew Ziemer, made it official: “Starting this Spring u12 USDA will train at futsal 1x per week year round.” Ballistic will be the first USDA program in the nation to adopt futsal as a year round training tool. A number of the players entering the u12 program in the Spring have trained at futsal year round for five years now. In addition to winning Regional and National futsal championships, this group has a supportive parent base that actively promotes the sport. “My son couldn’t be happier. The idea of training at futsal throughout the year has him pumped. As a parent, I’m very excited as well. He’s grown up with the sport and it’s taken his technical and tactical abilities to another level. This could be a game changer,” said Jamil Tahir whose son Matthew will enter the academy. Ballistic’s progressive ideas will ideally be emulated by other local academies. If this is the case, then the Bay Area will find itself piloting a unique experiment.

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